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What exactly is “Original Medicine?”

Original Medicine is what you uniquely bring into the world. It’s who you were born to be. It’s the thing you do with effortless joy and uncanny skill. It’s what the world needs most from you. That’s Original Medicine and at Sagefire Institute, we’re committed to creating a world where all people live deeply connected to theirs.

We believe in the importance of creating culture that is designed to bring out the best in all of its members. In that spirit, we offer programs that help people to nurture their true nature and initiate them into their own unique gifts.

Using storytelling, ancient cultural wisdom, and nature-based skills and practices along with modern coaching tools we create space for you to cultivate your passions; develop practices that help align you with your most authentic self; find and connect you with your people; and help you understand and name your purpose, all so that you can tap into your own innate power – your Original Medicine.

We specialize in training life coaches, educators, and mentors to see, understand, and harness the wisdom of the natural world so they may in turn guide others to do the same for themselves. That’s our Original Medicine. What’s yours? The world is waiting.


Discover what it means to become a
nature-based coach and leader!

Click Here to read  an article written by Chris Bickel,
student and nature-based leader